Payment Plans

We understand that dental treatment can sometimes be costly.


Hence, we here at Tooth Heaven always try to keep our fees below Melbourne’s average while ensuring that we provide the best dental care as our more expensive peers.


However, we understand that finance could sometimes be a barrier to achieving your dream dental treatment or your dream smile. If you desire uncompromising, high quality dental work without changing your lifestyle, our clinic at Tooth Heaven are pleased to offer you two amazing options of how you could ensure that the pain from that toothache doesn't happen or to make sure you've got teeth that lasts you a long time, or simply to make sure you've got teeth to chew on for the years to come! 





The key features of  MySmilePlan are:


- allows you to start your dental treatment straight away

- no interest ever up to 15 months period ! Just a small once-off setup fee of $39 and up to $3 credit card fee per transaction

- payments can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly

- no messy forms. Just complete an online assessment on the spot

- a minimum of 20% deposit is required and the balance is paid on the plan

- You can use the payment plan for all dental procedures above $1000


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Did you know that you can apply for the early release of your Superannuation to pay for your, or your family member's dental and orthodontic treatments?


We are proud to introduce SuperCare - the only external service provider - that can assist you to make an application via the Early Release of Superannuation (ERS) Program to cover Dental And Orthodontic treatment costs.


SuperCare can help facilitate funding for most dental procedures, including:


Implants and Dentures

Oral and Maxillofacial surgery

Braces and Orthodontics


Supercare's intention is to alleviate the sress and anxiety associated with the financial burden of dental and orthodontic treatments and in doing so, support the health of all Australians. 


Patients are encouraged to enquire direct via the Supercare Website






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