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Coronavirus Updates


We had a patient the other day said to us, “I feel safe coming to Tooth Heaven, because I know that of all places, you guys have one of the cleanest places I know of because you wipe everything down! Not the supermarkets, nor the airports nor the medical clinic and certainly not the hospital!”

As you read through this page, we want everyone to think that way about us and Tooth Heaven as we discover more about the Coronavirus. We are experts when it comes to Infection Control.



Thank you for your patience....

As the Health and Dental Industry slowly returns back to some form of "normality". a lot of experts have been talking about the "Biggest Problem of All" - The BACKLOG that will ensue

Due to constant disruptions for the past 2 years of COVID, this has caused significant backlogs to all Dental Clinics and as a result, appointment times and days may not be as ideal as we all have liked. 

It really is a tough time for us at this time.

What many people don't understand is that all our Clinicians only have 1 set of hands and only a set number of hours they can work every day without burning out, while maintaining the highest level of quality of work.

All our Clinicians have been working tirelessly every day, with some working up to 10 hour days and working extra days in an attempt to help clear the Backlog that we have accumulated for the past 2 years. 

This, and in the midst of changes to staffing arrangements due to COVID related issues, has truly affected us greatly and of course, YOU, our very important patients. 

It is also sad that despite these tough times, we have had some abusive behaviour hurled towards our staff.

We also had some very untrue and damaging reviews on our website that truly devastated us. When you hear stories of age-old establishments falling due to the unfound, inconsiderate comments on their websites, it really breaks our hearts.

The link can be found here: Iconic Melbourne eatery closes

Comments like these really struck a chord in our hearts:

 "The couple aren’t the first hospitality business to highlight the abuse often suffered by staff from customers, with bad behaviour increasing over the past two years of the pandemic"


"“I spent nights crying, wondering why the heck we were doing this. The ugly side of people was just way too much"


"“No one deserves to be treated like it - the people writing these things have no conscience or heart” 

Tooth Heaven has also fallen victim to these attacks. Whilst we always listen to and appreciate all forms of feedback, these are so not necessary during these times and any dissatisfaction in general should first be brought to us in the first place (via email or phone call) so that we can work together to understand and to see what we can do differently. 

We only ask that everyone be understanding as we do our best to work through this difficult time together. Times are already hard. Don't make it any harder. 

Thankfully we are almost seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We really can't wait. 

Thank you for your continuous support of Tooth Heaven. 

Dr Jolvin Lee on behalf of the Tooth Heaven team 



Dear everyone,

Due to the huge storm we had last night on the 28/10/21, all electricity and power to Tooth Heaven has been cut off for the whole day on the 29/10/21.

As such, we have had to shut down for the whole day on the 29/10/21 and to resume normal operations on the 30/10/21, pending on the resumption of electricity again.

As our phone lines are also connected via the internet and our routers are down, unfortunately we cannot tend to any phone calls coming in for the day. Emails will be tended to off-site as soon as possible.

Our staff members will be working hard on calling every single patient for the day to assist in rescheduling their appointments.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Tooth Heaven




We are finally allowed to operate back as "normal" from the Friday 22/10/21 onwards!

As the end of year approaches, with private insurance finishing soon, some may have been putting off that chip / hole / broken tooth for awhile now (and is getting worse!), some may still want to have their new year's resolution to have their teeth fixed this year, some may want to have a life-changing transformational smile happen or maybe some just simply want a clean!

Regardless of what it is, Tooth Heaven is back in its 100% operational phase from this Friday 22/10/21.

So what are you waiting for?
CALL US or BOOK AN APPOINTMENT with us right now


Or choose from the following options to find out more:


















Extended Lockdown







Here we go again.......







We will still be open for EMERGENCIES for all patients on Thursday and Tuesday from 10am - 4pm. Our phone lines and email will still be available as per normal business hours.

Online Bookings can still be found on our website for all appointments including emergencies at this link

We apologize for any inconvenience caused

Tooth Heaven





With the most recent announcement from the Gov today, Tooth Heaven is proud to announce that we will be back on as "normal" from Friday 11/6/21 onwards!

We will still maintain the highest standards of infection control and using COVID-19 protocols to protect you and our team members. 

Thank you for being patient with us during this lockdown as we work through the chaos left behind by the Lockdown. All our patients are important to us and we will attempt to see everyone as soon as feasible. 

See you soon at Tooth Heaven!


Team at Tooth Heaven




Dear all,

After the heart-breaking announcement today, Tooth Heaven will be complying with Government regulations to treat  patients with URGENT, EMERGENCY and DENTAL PAIN only until 11.59pm, 10/6/21.

While most Dental Clinics have decided to close the whole 2 weeks, we have decided as a team to not abandon our patients' needs, provided they fall well within the strict Guidelines of what is permissible to treat.

Our temporary opening hours are:

Monday            10am-3pm

Tuesday            Closed

Wednesday      Closed

Thursday          10am - 3pm

Friday              Closed

Saturday         Closed

Sunday            Closed

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. 

Tooth Heaven





Dear loyal customers of Tooth Heaven,

Can I start by saying thank you to those that has supported us throughout the years. It is you, the locals of Kensington and Flemington and the surrounding suburbs, and some from as far as Wagga Wagga and the Mornington Peninsula that has kept us afloat all this while.

Today as the announcement was made on the news by the DHHS regarding the lockdown starting from 11:59pm of the 27/5/21 to 11.59pm of the 3/6/21, my heart aches for all the businesses that are, had been and will be affected by this lockdown. Tooth Heaven is not any better. We will also be affected greatly by this lockdown.

Hearing the words “We estimate that we’ll be well over a billion dollars in lost retail trade in this lockdown. There’s an extra sting this time around, with no Jobkeeper available and no details of government support. There will be hundreds of businesses across the state that’s been hanging on, hanging on by a thread, and that thread will be cut today”

I am reminded again that it has always been the support of the community, far and wide that helps small businesses like Tooth Heaven survive this. It is you, the community that has kept us all afloat and despite difficult times, still come out to support all the small businesses around your area.

United, we are strong.

We at Tooth Heaven have seen the power of the community coming together to keep local businesses afloat. As such, Tooth Heaven is committed to continue supporting our local businesses like Florists, Cafes, Coffee Shops and Restaurants to help keep their business afloat, just like how the community has worked hard to keep us afloat.

It is your support that keeps Tooth Heaven where it is and how it is today. It is your support that helps Tooth Heaven grow stronger and stronger, and allowing us to invest in the latest technologies and the most advanced materials to be able to give our best to the community around us. Can we then also urge that you continue to support your local businesses by continuing to order from them and utilize their services as much as you can. We will need all the help that we can get.

Together, we will fight and win this.

Due to the mandatory restriction in the services that we can provide, it is with a heavy heart that we will be contacting all our patients that have non-emergency appointments booked in the following days to ask to reschedule. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you again for rescheduling to continue your support for Tooth Heaven.

We will also be restricting our services to Monday and Thursday for emergencies only from 10am-3pm.

We at Tooth Heaven cannot say this enough. Thank you once again for all your support.


Kindest Regards,

Dr Jolvin Lee

Tooth Heaven





Dear all,

After what was thankfully a short "circuit breaker" lockdown, Tooth Heaven will be back with its usual working hours from the Wednesday, 18/2/21 onwards including Saturdays.

Our usual opening hours are:

Monday            7am - 7pm

Tuesday            10am - 7pm

Wednesday      10am - 7pm

Thursday          10am - 7pm

Friday              7am - 4.30pm

Saturday          8.30am - 1.30pm

Sunday            Closed

Hope to see you soon at the clinic!

Tooth Heaven




To all our patients, 

We are disappointed to have to close our doors again but the safety and well-being of our staff, patients and the community is our top priority. 

In line with the stage 4 restrictions announced by the Premier today, Tooth Heaven will be temporarily closing from the Saturday 13 February. 

While we may be closed, our phone lines will still be open for any bookings or enquiries and our online booking will still be available. 

In the meantime, our team will do our very best to get in touch with you via SMS, Email and even Phone Calls to reschedule your appointments. Thank you for trying to rebook as this is crucial to keep our small Local Business sustainable in these difficult times.

We thank you for your understanding as we all share the burden of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, consistent with Government recommendations. We are all in this together. 

We will share any further updates via our website and on Instagram and Facebook

Hoping to see everyone again from Thursday, 18/2/21.

Kindest Regards, 

Dr Jolvin Lee
Principal Dentist 
Tooth Heaven



Wow! We didn't even expect to update everyone so soon!

However, great news for everyone!

We're Back to Normal!

Summary of this new update:

  1. Tooth Heaven is resuming its normal working hours Mon-Sat
  2. NO restrictions to perform any Dental Work
  3. Dental / Medical is still permitted travel reason outside of 5km
  4. Tooth Heaven team is working even harder through our backlog of patients

Thank you all for your patience and understanding through these ever changing times


Dr Jolvin Lee






Great News and Flashback Alert!

As of 16/9/20, the Victorian Government has announced that Dentistry can go down to level 2 restrictions from the Monday 28/9/20 onwards , which pretty much means we can do everything we love except for 2 procedures:

1) No Cleans

2) No Complex Surgeries

From the Monday 26/10/20 onwards, we will go down to Level 1, which means EVERYTHING CAN BE PERFORMED IN DENTISTRY. And yes, this means cleans......!! 

This is a huge win for the dental industry in Victoria that a roadmap has been clearly laid out and a huge improvement to what we currently have with all dental clinics in Victoria where only URGENT CARE can be performed. This has ultimately forced many dental clinics to shut, standing down of staff members and clinics cutting down their working hours. 

Thank you to all again for your patience in the midst of this as we ride through this together. 

Looking forward to see you at the Clinic Soon!

ps: i thought it's nice to include a flashback to how "Level 2" looks like and I've made a video explaining it back in April. 


Dr Jolvin Lee


In line with the recent update for the extension of Stage 4 Restrictions in Victoria, with a heavy heart, we've had to extend our limited scope of practice until the 27/9/20. From the 28/9/20 onwards, we are cautiously optimistic that we will be back to where we were before.

In the meantime, we will still be available to treat patients on Tuesdays and Thursdays whilst the phone lines and emails will still be available 5 days a week!

In the meantime, our team will be working hard to get in touch with those that have already had their appointments reserved in the next 2 weeks to work out an alternative and suitable time for you. 

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused to some of our patients and to those we haven't yet seen. I understand how this can be heartbreaking for some and even more disappointing for us too from our end. 

However, we believe in doing our part in driving the numbers down for our beloved state of Victoria!

In the event anything changes, we will endeavour to keep you updated at every single step of the way!


Tooth Heaven





To our fellow supporters of Tooth Heaven, 

Due to the recent update on Stage 4 restrictions, Tooth Heaven will be forced to start restricting services from this Friday 7/8/20 onwards.

We will still be having our phone lines and emails available from Monday- Fridays 10am-4.30pm.

However, we will still be open for emergencies and emergency consults only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10am-4.30pm.

This will be in place until the Sunday 13/9/20. 

The list of things that all dentists can and can't do in Victoria will be listed below: 

Please don't forget to support your local businesses that are going through a hard time throughout this pandemic!

In the meantime, we wish everyone well.

Stay safe, stay sane and stay sanitized!


Tooth Heaven



Hello everyone again!

In light of the recent announcement for stage 3 Restrictions across Victoria, until the 19th of August 2020, Tooth Heaven would like to update you on some of the changes that are happening here. 


  • There are still no restrictions in performing any work in Dentistry, but as a team we have decided to postpone all cleans and surgical treatment to late August 2020 onwards
  • Can still leave home for Medical Treatment (which includes Dental Treatment)
  • Changed working hours for your favourite Dentists and Therapists
  • Infection control ramped up even more (eg: wearing of masks mandatory within clinic for all staff and patients, temperature testing)
  • Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Will work through together to fight COVID-19


Dr Jolvin Lee

Tooth Heaven



To all the supporters of Tooth Heaven, 

It is with a heavy heart that our lovely suburb of Kensington was announced as a "hot-spot" by the Victorian Government from the 4/7/20 onwards and hence Stage 3 restrictions put in place to contain any forms of transmission. 

In response to this, the Australian Dental Board has announced that

"We have been in discussions over the past 24 hours with the Health Minister’s office and the Dental Board of Australia, and have confirmed that Level 1 dental restrictions continue to apply across Victoria, including in the restricted postcode areas

What this means is that there are no restrictions in place to practice any form of Dentistry, only to undertake the basic necessary precautions when it comes to environmental cleaning and hand sanitizing procedures. Of course, we at Tooth Heaven always go above and beyond what is "basic" as outlined in the videos below. 

You may also leave home to seek medical treatment, and as confirmed by the Australian Dental Board, medical treatment includes dental treatment.

As a further precaution, with you and our staff healthbeing being our top-most priority, we have decided to reduce the number of traffic within the clinic by scaling back on our working hours. 

Effective as of 7/7/20 onwards, we will still be open from Mondays - Fridays, but with updated working hours for our Clinicians. All your favourite Dentists and Therapists will still be here for you on those selected days. Our phone lines and email will still be available Monday - Friday, 10am-7pm.

As a team, we have also decided to put a halt to all scale and clean procedures until further notice to stem the spread of aerosols to protect everyone who come into the clinic

This will be effective until the 29/7/20, to which we will review the situation again and update everyone what our next steps are. 

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause to all our lovely patients. We do not wish for this to happen and we hope you would understand that with you and our staff well-being always being the main objective, we also want to help in the State's bid to flatten this curve again. 

We hope that you will continue to support this small local business when things get better soon. 

We will still continue to spread as much joy and love within our limited capacity (eg: food pantry and free braces/clear aligner competition). Just check out our Facebook and Instagram to know what we're doing in our community. 


Dr Jolvin Lee

Principal Dentist

Tooth Heaven





Introducing the "New Normal" at Tooth Heaven



Quick Summary about this week's video

  • We are on Level 1 Restrictions in Dentistry, which means we can pretty much do EVERYTHING now!
  • We are now open 5 days a week, Monday - Friday. 
           Monday - Thursday 10am-7pm
           Friday 7am-2pm
  • Not "Business as usual" still. Some measures remain, especially Social Distancing
  • Virtual Consultation not free anymore... will be $70
  • Free Braces / Clear Aligner Competition! Click here to find out more....



Now we are open 5 days a week!

Mon-Thursday 10am-7pm

Friday 7.30am-1.30pm

Watch the video to find out further information on what we're doing at Tooth Heaven to ensure you and everyone else is safe!

As always, your safety is our utmost priority!

Take care

Kindest Regards,

Dr Jolvin Lee



Yay! We are now open Wednesdays too from 10am-7pm!

We are now also enforcing new measures to further protect you and our team members

1. Our team has completed training concerning coronavirus and infection management from the Department of Health.

2. We have implemented a system which requires our team to report if they are exhibiting coronavirus like symptoms before attending work.

3. We will be thoroughly screening all patients before attending the practice to confirm they are not exhibiting coronavirus like symptoms before making an appointment.

4. The practice has had a thorough deep clean before reopening.

5. There will be a reduced number of dentists & hygienists working in the practice to reduce the amount of people.

6. You will be asked to use alcohol gels upon arrival at the Dental Clinic.

7. We will have social distancing markers placed on the floor in reception to ensure patients remain 1.5m away from each other and our team at all times.

8. There will be reduced number of people allowed in the waiting & reception areas at any one time. We ask that you come alone for your appointment.

9. Our reception team will be wearing personal protective equipment to help keep both our team & you safe.

10. When initially seated in the treatment room you will be asked to use a hand sanitiser & antiseptic mouth rinse. Your temperature may also be taken & recorded on your file.

11. Additional time will be allocated for every appointment to allow for extra sterilisation & social distancing measures.

12. We ask that you arrive on time for your appointment. This isn’t new but it is more important than ever. This is to make sure there is minimal contact between patients.

13. You may be asked to wait in your car or outside if we have too many people in the waiting areas.

14. We have also stopped accepting cash or providing change due to the safety risk associated with passing physical money between people.

15. We are implementing a new “tap and go” system and even a “self-swipe” system to process payments

Please remember that if you have travelled or returned from overseas in the past 14 days, been in contact with anyone who has COVID-19 or are experiencing flu like symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath or breathing difficulties) please inform us, remain at home and keep us all safe.

Dr Jolvin Lee
Tooth Heaven


To all the supporters of Tooth Heaven, 

 Here's a quick summary:
  • It's now WEEK 5 since restrictions have been placed!
  • Level 2 Restrictions and what it means for you and your teeth
  • Infection Control will be on "steroids"!
  • We are now open more days on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Virtual consults ARE  AVAILABLE and its FREE!
  • Further Video Tutorials can be found here too:
  • We are here for you, your family and your friends



Summary of the main points are:

  • Due to COVID-19, We can't do what we love doing : Dentistry
  • Sharing stories and insights for the past couple of weeks during Level 3 Restrictions
  • Has just been announced that Level 2 Restrictions are coming back next week onwards! Tooth Heaven is still working on logistics to make this happen!
  • We are still making sure infection control procedures are up to scratch (and more!)
  • Introducing.....Virtual consults! and its FREE!
  • Further Video Tutorials can be found here too:
  • We are here for you, your family and your friends



To all the supporters of Tooth Heaven, 

We hope that everyone's holding up well during these challenging times!

So just a quick summary on what's happening at Tooth Heaven this week:
  • Again, our opening hours have been extended on Mondays from 10am-6pm 
  • Our phones will be available everyday so feel free to ring us during our opening hours and someone will answer the phone. If we are on another call, leave a Voicemail and we will get back to you shortly. On top of checking phones, voicemails everyday, we will also be checking our emails regularly everyday. 
  • Virtual Consultations are now LIVE!. This service allows you to have a consult at the safety and comfort of your own home. More tutorials on this will be on the website. You may also click on this link to schedule in a time!
  • Further Video Tutorials can be found here too:

Thank you and we hope that everyone stays safe at home with their loved ones

We will keep everyone updated with any news on Tooth Heaven or the Dental Industry.


To all the supporters of Tooth Heaven, 

We hope that everyone is well and staying safe wherever they are!

So just a quick summary on what's happening at Tooth Heaven this week:

  • We have decided to extend our opening hours on Mondays from 10am-6pm to be able to offer care and support to all our existing patients. We want to be there for you and make sure during these times, at least we can help you take your teeth worries away! New patients are still welcome!
  • Because next week Monday is Easter Monday, we will be closed but will be open Tuesday 14/4 from 10am-6pm for Emergencies instead. This will be a once-off occasion. 
  • Our phones will be available everyday so feel free to ring us during our opening hours and someone will answer the phone. If we are on another call, leave a Voicemail and we will get back to you shortly. On top of checking phones, voicemails everyday, we will also be checking our emails regualrly everyday. 
  • We are introducing Virtual Consultations really soon. This service allows you to have a consult at the safety and comfort of your own home. It should be launching in a couple of days' time, so watch this space! All updates will be on the website at
  • We do apologize for the automated scheduled newsletter email, with the most recent titled "Tooth Decay, does my child have this disease?" All the articles we send have always been specially curated and created for all our patients. We apologize that this recent article doesn't really highlight recent events and will endeavour to send out articles that is relevant to the situation right now.

Thank you and we hope that everyone stays safe at home with their loved ones. We will keep everyone updated with any news on Tooth Heaven or the Dental Industry.

Kindest Regards, 

Dr Jolvin Lee and Team
Tooth Heaven
249 Racecourse Road
3031 VIC
03-9376 0543



To all the supporters of Tooth Heaven,
It's been almost 2 weeks since the Government has started imposing strict restrictions in Victoria. 

I sincerely hope that everyone is safe and healthy and if possible, at home. 


With the level 3 guidelines that's recently been issued by the Government and the Dental Board, many Dental Clinics have opted to shut down completely for an indefinite period of time. Link to the definition of restrictions below:

Since we've decided to keep Tooth Heaven open on Mondays only for Emergencies from 10am-6pm, the support has been overwhelming. As Monday the 13/4 falls on Easter Monday, the following day on Tuesday 14/4/20, we will be open for Emergencies that day from 10am -6pm. 

We've also come to know from a patient that we're the only Dental Clinic open around the area at this stage and was very thankful with the fact that we're open! She was in pain and had nowhere else to go. We were so glad that we could help her!


The team at Tooth Heaven is always open to new innovative ideas and always want to be at the forefront of dentistry. 

In the light of COVID-19, some patients may have concerns going out, let alone coming to the Clinic (although we still maintain the strictest protocol of infection control procedures- and more! ), Tooth Heaven is investing into Virtual Consultations. What this means is that essentially, you can have a consult for whatever issues you might have and have an immediate answer from our dentists at Tooth Heaven, at the comfort of your own home and on your smart phone!

Watch this space. As soon as everything's set up, you will be the first ones to know. 

If you are a new patient, or your 6 monthly appointments are due, the ability to do this online is already available to you. You will get a summary report from us just with a few simple clicks on your phone. 

You can do so now from this link:


Now that staying at home is starting to be a norm, i came across this article the other day about 10 ideas on what you can do while you're at home. It definitely has helped me and the team, i hope that it might help you too!


We understand you may have a lot of questions. We have compiled a list of procedures and actions in the table below that we hope will add some clarity to the situation.

In addition, as the situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, we too will modify our practice in accordance to the recommendations and guidelines of the appropriate authorities.

I want to personally apologize to all our patients who have booked in advance and look forward to seeing us to have their work completed.

Please continue to support us during this time of restriction, as when the dust settles, more than ever, we ask for the community’s support again for Tooth Heaven to continue to have its doors open. We ask for nothing more than your patience and understanding as you consider keeping your appointments at Tooth Heaven by not cancelling them completely, but by rescheduling your appointments for a later time in the year.

In the coming days and weeks, our staff will personally be in touch with you via phone calls, email or SMS to reschedule your appointments.

We apologize again for how much this has inconvenienced you. The team and I are still reeling from the shock announcements ourselves. However, we have decided to take the advice from the government very seriously and accept our responsibility to help flatten the curve with our very best interest of health for our patients and the Team.

Thank you and we hope that everyone stays safe at home with their loved ones

We will keep everyone updated with any news on Tooth Heaven or the Dental Industry.