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New To Us?

First of all, thank you for choosing us. 

At Tooth Heaven, we do things alittle differently here than most dentists.

Because you are our priority, your first visit here will be treated with the utmost respect. Watch the video below that summarizes what to expect when you come to see us!



It all starts off when you walk in through our main doors. You shall be greeted courteously and in a warm manner. You will then be invited to take a seat in the waiting lounge and to fill up a NEW PATIENT FORM on a tablet (if you haven't already done so beforehand - refer below). As we are a modern clinic, this form is done electronically on an iPad offered to you for your convenience. 

Once done, you may enjoy the funny, educational and entertaining videos we have on the TV, but within a few short minutes, our brilliant Clinicians (Dentists and Therapists) would personally walk up to the waiting room and introduce themselves and escort you to their Rooms. 

They shall then introduce you to their lovely assistants who would be very happy to assist the Clinicians to make your visit as comfortable as possible. They will also help inform you where you can put your stuff down and where you can take a sit at. 

We at Tooth Heaven don't just want to know your teeth, we want to know you too, so we might touch on other things not related to Dentistry briefly at the start. 

Afterwhich, as we are known for how thorough we are, your first visit may include photos, x-rays and a discussion on what you would like us to help you with.

As such, if you're not in any pain, we would usually dedicate the first visit (60 minutes long) to a thorough checkup. We may perform a clean (if possible) or may have to be done at a later time if time doesn't permit. We want to spend that time with you and not have to rush through your visit, leading to missed things that should be addressed early on to avoid further issues from happening. 

If you're in pain, we will try to fit you in on the same day and will focus on getting you out of pain. We may need to reappoint you, should the procedure be complex and requires further treatment. This ensures that you have the appropriate time for the procedure to be completed in the best possible way, in the best possible time. This assures everyone that the treatment outcome would be great and can last for a very, very long time. 

Upon completion of the discussion and/or treatment, you will be offered some amenities to make your visit more comfortable (a Goodie Bag - with actual "goodies" ^_^ and/or a warm towel).

The Clinicians would then again personally escort you back to the Front Desk and introduce you to them again, to which the Clinicians would assist you by relaying the information to the Front Desk Coordinators on the purpose and the duration of the next visit. 

You may also be asked to do an anonymous survey on our readily available tablets so that we know what we can do differently to make your next visit alot more inviting and comfortable. 

You can make your appointments over the phone (03-9376 0543) or ONLINE by clicking the link here.


Attached below is an online new patient form that can be filled up prior to your appointment and would make your visit here a breeze. The link will bring you to a separate site where your details will be managed in a secure way. You will have to create an account and a login to proceed further.

You may also download a hard copy of the new patient form to be filled up from this link here : Hard Copy New Patient Form

Alternatively if you click BOOK NOW, you will be ushered into a site where you can create a login, either book an appointment of your choosing and/or have the ability to fill up the NEW PATIENT FORM then within the site. 



Looking forward to seeing you here at Tooth Heaven !


Dr Jolvin Lee

Principal Dentist

Tooth Heaven


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