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Welcome to Tooth Heaven

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We have extended our working hours for the convenience of our patients

Monday            7am - 9pm

Tuesday            10am - 7pm

Wednesday      10am - 7pm

Thursday          10am - 7pm

Friday              7am - 7pm

Saturday          8.30am - 1.30pm

Sunday            Closed

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Our motto is "We Treat Everyone Like Family".

We are not here to just "do dentistry", we are also here to change lives, one tooth at a time. We know we are on the right track when someone says to us "I'm so glad i've finally found you - you've changed my confidence, my smile, my life"

With a combined experience of over 22 years, we are what you call, a "one stop shop" for everything dental. From Braces to Implants, to checkups and cleans, you can expect to have most of your dental needs performed all at the one same place without the need to travel to different places. That's because we care about your needs and we care about helping you with every way we can.

From the very moment you make an appointment, to walking in through the main doors to sitting on a dental chair, expect to walk into a comfortable, relaxing environment and be treated like family.

Tooth Heaven have been constantly called the "friendliest dentist we've ever met" by alot of our patients, and some have even become long-term friends of ours!

Where are we? We're literally right across McDonalds and KFC on Racecourse Road in Kensington !

Just look out for the GLOWING tooth!

Looking for a Dentist in Kensington or Dentist in Flemington ?

Kensington and Flemington is an upcoming and trendy inner western suburb of Melbourne, only about 4 km north-west from Melbourne?s CBD. Being close to the city and littered with parks and amenities and a state of the art community centre, this has brought a real buzz to the area. There are also many wonderful cafes and restaurants within stone's throw distance away.

Tooth Heaven is conveniently situated on the main road of Kensington and Flemington and  just a short drive away from the main town centre of Kensington and Flemington. Look for the glowing tooth and don't worry, there's plenty of carpark on the sidestreet of Nottingham Street and Barnett St. You can even take tram 57 to our doorsteps!

From Kensington and Flemington, just walk or drive over and you'll reach us within minutes.


Dentist Kensington, Dentist Flemington, Dentist Travancore, Dentist North Melbourne, Dentist Parkville

As local schools don?t have dental services on-site, we are conveniently placed to look after the dental needs of all the young and established families. Being a local dentist, we have appointments available daytimes, afternoons and early evenings ? even Saturdays as well. Make Tooth Heaven your local dentist at kensington and/or dentist at flemington and/or dentist at travancore and/or dentist at north melbourne and/or dentist at parkville.  Tooth Heaven is ready to meet all your dental needs. 

We are dentists servicing the areas of kensington, flemington, travancore, north melbourne and parkville


What We Do

Teeth whitening, bleaching, Implants, Crowns, Bridge, Crown and Bridge, Full mouth rehab, White fillings, Composite fillings, Tooth fillings, Veneers, Orthodontics, Braces, Fast Braces, Metal Braces, Clear Braces, Invisalign, Straighten teeth, Crooked teeth, Gaps between teeth, Dentures, Metal denture, Acrylic denture, False teeth, Missing teeth, Strengthen teeth, Fluoride, Gentle dentist, Friendly dentist, Children?s dentist, Kid?s dentist, Extraction, Removal of teeth, Wisdom teeth removal, Removing teeth, emergency dentist, broken tooth, tooth ache, what to do when i have a toothache kensington

Areas We Service

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Dentist Kensington on Racecourse Road

Kensington Dentist on Racecourse Road

Flemington Dentist on Racecourse Road

Flemington Dentist on Racecourse Road

Dentist Travancore on Racecourse Road

Travancore Dentist on Racecourse Road

North Melbourne Dentist on Racecourse Road

Dentist North Melbourne on Racecourse Road