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Gentle and Pain Free

The staff and dentists at Tooth Heaven have seen and treated all sorts of individuals. From the nervous ones, to the ones who have never seen a dentist for years, we have seen almost everything.

The dentists at Tooth Heaven have always been known as the “gentler ones”. The principal dentist, Dr Jolvin Lee has perfected gentle techniques that help make the needle painless. He has since shared this knowledge to his associates. Along with new advancement in technologies, the visit to the dentist is virtually almost pain-free.


Ouch! My Tooth Hurts!


To treat the problem, we have to figure out the cause first. Otherwise, we never really fix the problem!

There are generally 4 types of Causes

a) Teeth Related

b) Gum Related

c) Non-mouth related

d) Combination of the above

To find out what really is the cause of your tooth pain, watch the following video....


How do i fix it?

How we fix it really depends on what causes it in the first place (as mentioned earlier).

Without fixing the cause, you're never really fixing the problem! 

The following video talks about how to fix your toothache in general, however to really figure out what works for you, book in a visit with the Tooth Heaven team to find out more!