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Mission Statement

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At Tooth Heaven, we do things a little differently here than most dental clinics do.

  • One Stop Shop – We want to provide a safe space for everyone. We want to be able to provide anything and everything under the sun. Long are the days where there is little to no collaboration between people and having to run to different places all the time. As long as it’s within our scope, everything can be found and performed at Tooth Heaven.
  • Treating everyone like family – Like family, we will give you our 110% in everything we do. We will support you like family. We will care for you like family. We will take the time to show and help you answer your questions. We will take the time to listen to you. We believe in helping bridge barriers, be it financial barriers, language barriers or cultural barriers.
  • Professionalism and pursuing excellence in all aspects. All staff and clinicians endeavour to provide the best service, the best treatment and “hopefully the best experience” for everyone. We will invest in our patients to provide the greatest, latest materials and technology and at the same time, carve time out to invest in ourselves in Dental Courses to keep ourselves ahead of the times.
  • Changing lives, one tooth at a time. Impacting lives in positive ways, be it in the treatment rooms or outside of our four walls, investing our energy, time and money to make our community better. In addition, Tooth Heaven has proudly been recognized as one of Australia's top dentists.
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Our Values

The team at Tooth Heaven are guided by our 4 core values: Consistency, Alignment, Courage and Accountability


"We want to make sure that every patient that walks in through our doors have the same first class service everytime, all the time regardless of who they see" Dr Jolvin Lee - Principal Dentist


"The whole team should be as ONE. We should all walk in the same direction, believe in the same outcome, and have the same ultimate goal in the end: to fulfill our Mission Statement. United we stand, divided we fall" Sonia - Practice Manager


"It takes courage challenging the norm, the status quo. It takes even more courage to embrace change. Some people will say we don't like change and we've always done it that way. Well, why? And - why not?" Fernanda - Practice Manager


"We're all humans, we make mistakes. But it's owning up to your mistakes and seeing what you can do differently is what makes you the bigger person" Thoa - Oral Health Therapist




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