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At Tooth Heaven, we do things a little different here than most dental clinics do.

  • We treat everyone like family. We strive to talk to you like family, to give you honest and unbiased advice like family, to treat you like our own and to give you the best treatment like family. Just like how you will never treat family harshly nor will you disappoint them, that's what our motto is. We also always aim to give our best to family. To help you with your concerns, our dentists will provide you with all the options available, going through all the advantages and disadvantages of every single option, irregardless of cost. We will then allow you to choose whichever option that suits you and we will support whatever options that you choose.
  • We believe in changing lives, even if it takes one tooth at a time. There is nothing more rewarding than when some of our patients say to us "I am so glad to have found you, you have changed my confidence, my smile and my life in the process". As you can very well tell, some of these moments get teary and we've experienced heartfelt conversations. This is what makes us want to wake up early every morning, doing our very best for every one we see. 
  • We also believe in the word : GENEROSITY, the habit of giving freely without expecting anything in return. We want to be able to give back and help the community that has first helped us. We want to be able to change lives and help the less fortunate around us. Everyone can make a difference.

Check out our "charitable" tab, so you know that your dollar drives further.