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At Tooth Heaven, we believe in investing in the very best for our patients. We want to be ahead of the pack by having the latest research and technology for the best outcome and comfort of our patients.


For those dreading the long appointments in the chair, we have something in place that will transport you "out of the clinic". With these headsets, we can bring you on travels to anywhere in the world and make you feel at ease at the dentist. A visit to the dentist is never the same again!


Digital X-rays were introduced since 1987 and since 1992, digital xrays are used in most dental clinics.

X-rays are important in any diagnosis of a toothache, and digital x-rays are better than conventional x-rays because

- Up to 80% less radiation than film based x-rays

- More comfortable as they're more rounded and less sharp to the tongue and soft tissues

- Quicker. They're 4 times quicker than film based x-rays. We could tell you the results on the spot

- More precise. With digital x-rays, we can enhance images to make precise diagnoses

- Environmental friendly. Digital x-rays don't use dangerous chemicals previously used to process film x-rays

Don't get stuck in a clinic that is still operating in the past!


Our latest addition to the clinic, an OPG machine saves time for our patients. With the convenience of having the XRay done in-house, people no longer need to take the extra step of making another appointment, additional time off work, find parking and go to another place to have their images taken. Within seconds and with the latest digital technology, the exposure to radiation is incredibly low that some even say you get more radiation flying from here to Sydney!

With this new machine, we will be able to provide you with a more thorough analysis of what's happening in your mouth.


The DIAGNOcam (KaVo), is the most advanced in dental imagery and takes detailed images without the use of x-rays. It allows the dentist to accurately determine the presence of any caries, and even the tiny ones normally invisible to the human eye. You don't want to have any holes missed and so do our dentists and therapists!

This device will highlight where the potential problem areas are and we can either treat them early or allow us to keep tabs on them.

The images gathered from DIAGNOcam allows us to make a better treatment plan tailored for you


At Tooth Heaven, we know that taking moulds of teeth can be abit of a pain sometmes. What's worse, the need to return for another mould should the first one didn't turn out good is also bothersome.

We have since invested ourselves in the latest scanner from Carestream Dental to give our patients the very latest in technology. We also want to improve the comfort of our patients coming to Tooth Heaven. Digital scans provide an incredible 3-Dimensional image of your tooth/mouth (which looks impressive by the way). It also decreases the turnover time for any lab work to come back, which means you'll get your crown/bridge/moulds back sooner!


We want you to know what we're talking about. and so we got ourselves an intraoral camera! Why an intraoral camera?

  • Instant: you can instantly see what we see when we're looking at your teeth
  • Accurate: we can take a picture of the inside of your mouth for a bigger and better look, and it really helps to track any changes over time
  • Easy referrals or second opinions: if we need to get another opinion from a specialist, we can easily take a photo and email it to them
  • Memory jogger: we store these images on your dental record to compare back to later – a great way to really track erosion, staining
  • Better planning: together we can discuss the best treatment plan for you as we go – you then decide how to proceed
  • Learn more: You need to see for yourselves what's in your mouth… rather than our dentists merely trying to describe it to you in words!

A picture is worth a thousand words


Laser Dentistry has already been used widely in the USA and has now finally come to Australia! Being a modern dental clinic, we want to be the first few to offer our patients the multiple benefits from laser dentistry. Using the latest Gemini Dual Wavelength Dual Laser, the dentists at Tooth Heaven are able to perform a multitude of procedures with our patients benefiting the most from its technology. 

Studies and reports have shown the benefits of laser technology are:

  • Less time in the dental chair as procedures are completed more quickly
  • Less discomfort and bleeding during treatment 
  • Faster healing time with reduced risk for infection since there is no need to place or remove sutures 
  • More precise treatment than is possible with traditional scalpel and suture method, hence a more conservative procedure
  • Patients are less likely to need anesthesia or sedation dentistry services

Because of these benefits, Tooth Heaven is quick to jump onto the bandwagon of laser dentistry!