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Sleep Dentistry Kensington | Sedation Dentistry | Scared of Dentists?


Scared of Dentists?

"You are not the first and you'll never be the last" says the Dentists at Tooth Heaven

At Tooth Heaven we have seen numerous people like yourselves and almost all return feeling that they're not scared of dentists anymore.

How do we do it and why are we so different to other clinics? Mainly because we're a nicer bunch and also that's because we've developed multiple techniques to help you overcome your fear and help you with your teeth.

I'm scared of dentists, so what do you do that's different than any other clinics ?


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Friendly, Genuine and Gentle Dental Care

At Tooth Heaven, we genuinely want to help you. Because we treat everyone like family, we want to make you feel as comfortable as possible, listen to your problems and treat you like our very own.

We have also developed an almost pain-free technique of giving dental anesthesia that most patients walk out saying "wow". On top of that, we provide Virtual Reallity headsets to  "transport you out of the dental clinic", figuratively speaking. You wont even realize you're at a dental clinic !

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Sedation Techniques


"We are only one of the very, very few clinics in Melbourne, especially around Melbourne Inner West that provide sleep dentistry, performed by an Anaesthetist and is claimable under Medicare"




Penthrox inhalation sedation is perfect for patients with mild anxiousness and it is extremely safe. Inhalation provides immediate relief from pain and anxiety. We find that some patients prefer this, as it helps them overcome the fear of not being in control, and they decide when they need more relief, simply by taking a quick breath. You will still be aware of your surroundings while feeling very relaxed on the chair. Most times, patients might just have to wait for a few short minutes at the waiting room before they can drive themselves home and go about their normal day-to-day activities.

This will be ideal for moderately nervous patients, or for anyone needing more extensive dental treatment. This is when a specialist anaesthetist administers the sedative through a drip. You will be constantly monitored during treatment to ensure you are completely safe at all times. This form of anaesthesia allows you to still respond to our dental team, except that you might not remember much about the treatment once the sedative has worn off.  Through this, we can accomplish a lot more work during one comfortable and pain-free sitting. After the procedure, you will require someone to drive you home.

Tooth Heaven also has an option for patients to undergo General Anaesthesia if they prefer to be completely asleep during treatment. This service is now performed within Tooth Heaven itself, so there's no need to go anywhere else! What’s even better is that this service is even CLAIMABLE under MEDICARE and a REBATE can be obtained. This method is completely safe and carried out by our specialist anaesthetist team

 *Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. The dentists at Tooth Heaven will be happy to discuss all risks associated with any procedures prior to your treatment



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Did you know.....

We do offer DISCOVERY SESSIONS for Veneers, Crowns, Bridges, Implants, Braces, Invisalign, Myobrace, Botox or Sleep Apnoea! This is $60 for a 30 minutes non-obligation consult. As a bonus, this amount can be used as a credit for the associated treatment should you decide to proceed further. Win - win!


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