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Chronic Tongue Diseases

Posted By Tooth Heaven,
25/05/2022 20:56 PM
Tongue-Chewing; Causes, Cures, and Patient Info Many people engage in a habit of constantly chewing on their tongues. Here’s what to look for and how to inquire about mouthguards. Tongue chewing is a...

Home Remedies for Whitening Teeth

Posted By Tooth Heaven,
25/05/2022 20:00 PM
The Combination Of Charcoal, Turmeric, And Coconut Oil Is A No-No. Most individuals want whiter, brighter teeth. There are several unusual techniques that are used to whiten teeth. What is the most ef...

How to fix gummy smiles

Posted By Tooth Heaven,
20/04/2022 15:13 PM
How to fix a gummy smile An excessively gummy grin is defined as one in which the gum line is visible above the teeth, and it can be a source of embarrassment or insecurity for many people who have...

Dangers of neglecting dental health

Posted By Tooth Heaven,
20/04/2022 15:11 PM
  Eating and speaking are two activities that most people take for granted. Still, millions of Australians who don't take good care of their teeth jeopardize their ability to perform both...

Pregnancy and Teeth

Posted By Tooth Heaven,
20/04/2022 15:07 PM
  Dental Health, the health of your mouth, is a critical component of your entire health and well-being. Furthermore, it's crucial for your prenatal treatment (medical care you get during...

Root Canal System: A Comprehensive Guide

Posted By Tooth Heaven,
30/03/2022 00:00 AM
Many individuals associate the word "root canal" with unpleasant connotations. Root canal treatments have a negative image since they were regarded to be unpleasant or terrifying in the past. Modern...

How Does Your Dental Health Affect Your Confidence?

Posted By Tooth Heaven,
28/03/2022 00:00 AM
First impressions matter, thus it is critical to be confident and leave them impressed at the onset. Even though body acceptance is becoming more popular across the world, many are still...

Five Tips for Cleaning Your Teeth With Braces

Posted By Tooth Heaven,
14/03/2022 23:39 PM
We are taught from an early age to brush and floss our teeth to maintain good oral hygiene. Most likely, after you have finished eating your breakfast, you will go straight to the bathroom to brush yo...

Why a Regular Dental Check Up is Important

Posted By Tooth Heaven,
06/03/2022 20:41 PM
When it comes to the world of dental checkups, experts recommend that you drop by your local dentist at least once every six months. Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the importance of dental...

9 mistakes to avoid when you have Botox Treatments

Posted By Tooth Heaven,
11/02/2022 23:12 PM
Top 9 Botox Mistakes to Avoid Botox blunders are more common than you think. Whether you are planning to get Botox for the first time or are a seasoned pro, it is important that you steer clear of...