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This is why we don't use moulds anymore : Intraoral Scanner

Posted By Dr Jolvin Lee  
23:45 PM


As you can see it's so messy, it goes everywhere, all over the place and the poor patient could be gagging from it.

After this, we have to then pour it out and if you have to send it to the labs, things could go missing and the images could be distorted.

With such a cumbersome thing, unfortunately most dental clinics are still using this, unfortunately.

Because at Tooth Heaven, we believe in technology, we believe in getting the best for our patients.


What is an Intraoral scanner ?


It’s a modern approach to the traditional moulds you saw earlier (you know the yucky, gooey things that that dentists put in people's mouths to take an impression or mould your teeth.

At Tooth Heaven, we don't use that anymore because we are a modern clinic and we want to invest in the best to create the best results.


What does it do?


Now with the Intraoral Scanner (we call it the Trios Scanner)

  • No more yucky stuff in your mouth
  • More accurate than traditional mould in most cases
  • Faster and less time in the mouth
  • Makes an accurate 3D image of your teeth
  • Allows us to zoom in and out so that we don’t miss any details on your teeth
  • Helps us with working out the best ways to “move” your teeth with Invisalign / Braces
  • Allows us to create simulations of your teeth and your smile
  • Helps us plan your dream smile and make it reality
  • Sending it in digital format so things get sent quickly and come back quickly


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